May 23, 2023

Naomi Shimberg, EP&E major, awarded 2023 Wrexham Prize for best senior essay in the social sciences. 

Congratulations to EP&E major Naomi Shimberg ’23, winner of the Wrexham Prize and winner of the George Hume Prize! Each year, Yale College awards the Wrexham to the writer of the best senior essay in the field of the social sciences emphasizing “the link between political and economic ideas, and analysis and public policy”. EP&E awards the Hume prize for the best senior essay investigating the normative and empirical components of public issues. Naomi’s project, “Intragenerational Equity in the Social Cost of Carbon,” examines an essential aspect of climate change mitigation: measuring the social costs of carbon (SCC). Her essay evaluates consequential assumptions behind this measurement and proposes a way forward incorporating ethical, economic, and practical concerns. Prof. Kenneth Gillingham advised this project, and Prof. William Nordhaus was the second reader.


The Program on Ethics, Politics and Economics sponsors interdisciplinary teaching and research in the Social Sciences and Humanities at Yale.  It is designed to foster informed debate about public policy in the light of disciplined reflection on the fundamentals of human association.  The Program was created in the belief that, for all the value of specialized fields and subdisciplines, these should not displace attempts to integrate empirical, analytical and normative concerns that range over different disciplines in the modern university.  The complex social realities of our time demand a wide-ranging understanding of the human sciences on the part of citizens and leaders alike; EP&E seeks to provide it.