The Robert H. Litowitz Lecture - Turning the Corner to Climate Safety: The Economics and Politics of Solving the Climate Crisis

Nathaniel Keohane, Environmental Defense Fund, Senior Vice-President, Climate

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our world today.  With temperatures and sea levels rising, and extreme weather events becoming increasingly frequent, we are already getting a glimpse of the possible future – and yet global emissions of greenhouse gases continue on their seemingly inexorable rise.  What impacts are we likely to see in the decades ahead from a changing climate?  What can we do to turn the corner on rising emissions and put the planet on a path toward climate safety?  Join Nathaniel Keohane, a former Yale professor and Obama Administration official and now Senior VP and head of climate at Environmental Defense Fund, for a discussion of the threats facing all of us – and why there’s still reason to be optimistic despite the magnitude of the challenge.