Applying to the Major

Applying to the Major

The Ethics, Politics and Economics major is an honors major, to which application and formal acceptance is required. Students should apply to enter the major at the end of the fall term of their sophomore year. Application to the major must be made in writing and submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

This year, applications are to be submitted no later than Friday, December 2, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.  Please email a pdf (as ONE file) of your completed application to  No hard copies will be accepted.

A complete application to the major includes:

  • A completed application cover sheet.
  • A transcript (official or unofficial) of work at Yale that includes a list of courses in which the applicant is enrolled for the current fall semester.
  • A brief (1,000 word - maximum) statement of purpose indicating academic interests and a proposed area of individual concentration.
  • A previously submitted paper written for a course related to the subject matter of Ethics, Politics and Economics (optional but encouraged).

All applications are reviewed by a committee of EPE faculty from a variety of Yale College departments and programs. Every application is given due consideration without regard for any particular first-year program of study, though performance in courses meeting introductory requirements in EPE provide helpful information as to the student’s qualifications. All decisions made by the admissions committee are final.  Accepted applicants will receive further instructions via email from the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the spring semester shopping period.